Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My O'Bannon -Neville ancestry


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today I received info that the Texas Cowgirls opened for the St Louis Hawks


Another team the Texas Cowgirls opened for  Another team discovered that shared a roster

Friday, March 18, 2011

She called him Goose he called my mom Flossie Reece Goose Tatum and Florence -Holder Hovland


Two Arkansas kids grow up in ElDorado and Gillham Arkansas to become World Famous Barnstorm basketball players.  As a child I would watch Goose and my mama  bounce the basketball with their knees and roll neck and finger spin on our back patio. He would tease the heck out of her she was so pretty , he flirted she  whipped him  into shape and served him lemonade and a sandwich

Monday, March 7, 2011


Erin Hovland-Moffitt In 1963 I was woke up taken outdoors to find my surprise 6th birthday gift. A red Schwinn just for me. With seven kids to feed that was something I did not even ask for. As soon I climbed onto my first vehicle, my older brother guided me to a side street in our culdesac . He pushed me with all his force and let go yelling "Ride ride like the wind Erin ride like you own the street". To my amazement I did. My parents were not the training wheel type.My dad would say "if you over think something you will never do it". My mom would say "if you deny joy because of fear you are not living."To understand this you had to understand they made their living as cross country barnstormers. Before my summer of 1963 came to an end days before I would become a first grader, I totaled my Schwinn. A neighbor boy (Rocco Genna) who I feuded with over what girls could and could not do, dared me. I set myself on my new vehicle at the top of a quarter mile inclined gravel road of our city park, took my hands off the handle bars , and flew off face first. The bike did not survive my red honey set on the curb for trash pickup. My mom picked gravel out of my wounds for weeks, bandaged me like a mummy over the tore up skin that was left on my arms, legs ,stomach and face. I sometimes dream of my shiny red Schwinn . I do not mourn her( my dad did bring out his traveling PA system and played TAPS as he set her by the curb.) , She gave me joy in her short lived life,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dempsey Hovland Billboard Magazine Articles

Article on Dempsey Hovland's basketball teams including The Texas Cowgirls and  The All American Indians

NOVEMBER 3, 1956 GENERAL OUTDOOR FE Gooding (writing about operation at Ohio State .... Dempsey Hovland, manager, said he also is * Complete Kiddielands ...
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August 11, 1956  issue  of Billboard Magazine Article on Dempsey Hovland and Satchel Paige and Hovland's baseball teams.