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Large or Small We Play them All from the NY and Boston Gardens to Minnook IL


Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential." DEMPSEY HOVLANDS WORLD FAMOUS TEXAS COWGIRLS YAHOO SEARCH ENGINES DEMPSEY HOVLAND 2009 1 - 10 of 51,400 for dempsey hovland (About) - 0.33 s | Search results 1. Chuck Taylor All-Stars - Hoopedia They were first produced in 1908 as the "All-Star", Converse's attempt to ... Dempsey Hovland's world-famous female barnstorming basketball team, the Texas ... - Cached 2. Texas Cowgirls - Hoopedia Dempsey Hovland's world-famous female barnstorming basketball team, the Texas ... The pre WNBA team competed against men's teams winning 70-80% of their games ... - Cached 3. Barnstorming Player Bio's Shortly after the try out I had a letter from Dempsey Hovland. ... Dempsey Hovland the owner was writing me and asking me to come into training camp and try out. ... - Cached 4. Orange Blossom Special (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia o Authorship| o Lyrics| o Recordings| o References The fiddle tune "Orange Blossom Special", about the passenger train of the same name, was written by Ervin T. Rouse (1917-1981) in 1938. The original recording was created by Ervin and Gordon Rouse in 1939. It is considered the best known fiddle tune of the twentieth... - Cached 5. Adventures with the Texas Cow Girls - Harlean Hudson I started playing team basketball in the 8th grade at Milton, Iowa, a town ... I received a letter from Dempsey Hovland, owner of the Texas CowgGirls, asking ... - Cached 6. Satchel in Salina " Scott Simkus ... on the ride up to Madison was a booking agent from Beloit named Dempsey Hovland. ... Dempsey Hovland, who had put some time and money into the venture, was livid. ... - Cached 7. Scott Simkus — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress This story was originally published over at SATCHEL IN SALINA By ... Tags: negro league baseball, Satchel Paige, Dempsey Hovland, Barnstorming ... - Cached 8. List of people from Wisconsin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia o Military| o Politicians and activists| o Entertainment| o Sports This is a list of prominent people from the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Place of birth is in parentheses. - 111k - Cached 9. " Blog Archive " Satchel Paige: 1960 ... on the ride up to Madison was a booking agent from Beloit named Dempsey Hovland. ... Dempsey Hovland, who had put some time and money into the venture, was livid. ... - 74k - Cached LINDA KAY DEMPSEY HOVLANDS WORLD FAMOUS TEXAS COWGIRLS Oct 10 2008 5:46 AM LOVE your sound.....I have added Promised Land to my myspace songlist.... I can hear it on the soundtrack for the Texas Cowgirl movie perfect for those lady road warriors you should mention it to Mike Butler and Teddy Z..... did you get the photo of guitar playing singer Cherokee Gerry that toured and entertained at halftime for the Texas Cowgirls Cant wait to hear the new album you go girl!!!! Erin I live in the midwest my roots are both here and in Arkansas. I grew up in tiny Rockton Illinois.My heart is in Arkansas. I am one of eight siblings. We were raised by two barnstorming basketball players- entertainment booking agency parents . My dad was a promoter booking agent coach he played for The House of David before starting his own teams. my mom was right by his side through thick and thin playing semi pro basketball with his Texas Cowgirls well into her thirties often with kids in tow on the road. They barnstormed through rural districts with their female basketball teams and halftime theatrical acts to sold out arenas and gymnasiums throughout the country with some overseas play and openers at the garden arenas for the early NBA teams I have never adjusted to being in one place. My dad Dempsey started his career in his teens booking big bands, developed wrote a local sports paper booked a huge base of clients fom Satchel Paige to the Harmonica Rascals I am mom to four sons all restless its the Hovland blood. I have had interesting jobs somehow all tied to pr/marketing My hobby/career in my soul has always been writing. I have to write. I have written and been published in numerous forms. Poetry, magazine articles, lyrics, short stories, technical writing, publicity writing, copywriting, advertising,grants. I have been living and breathing the effort of telling the story about my dad Dempsey Hovland and his lifes journey for 12 years Respected people in the industry have told me its a movie in the making many have come to me I have always had the right one for the story in mind , after 5 years of believing he is right for the story we sat shared it he loved it . I am pursuing that option YOU CAN GET A GLIMPSE MY CHECKING OUT PICS. COMEDY SPORTS BIO OF WOMEN ON THE ROAD WITH MY DAD ........ IT IS COMING Gillham Arkansas is the birthplace of two American female basketball players that played on a professional barnstorm team of women athletes that played against men. The team opened for early N.B.A. and Harlem Globetrotter teams. Florence Cleo Holder and Francis Mae Holder were members of Dempsey Hovlands World Famous Texas Cowgirls basketball team. The team toured the world from 1949-1976. [edit] References 1. ^ "US Gazetteer files: 2000 and 1990". United States Census Bureau (2005-05-03). Retrieved on 2008-01-31. 2. ^ "American FactFinder". United States Census Bureau. Retrieved on 2008-01-31. [edit] External links found this travel layout at

COWGIRLS OF ANOTHER KIND wants you to check out a photo on MySpace in the DEMPSEY HOVLANDS CHAM

COWGIRLS OF ANOTHER KIND wants you to check out a photo on MySpace in the DEMPSEY HOVLANDS CHAM
Who I'd like to meet:
I met the producer director actor musician that is my pick for the next movie blockbuster .BILLY BOB THORNTON as Dempsey ID like to meet Robert Duvall Pink Robert Redford Alice Cooper Robert Dinero Cate Blanchett Vincent D'Ofrino John Prine Bonnie Hunt Willi Nelson all in one room for lunch one day.

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40s- 70s beating all odds on talent and hustle in America making a mark that is historically unmatched. While public schools banned females from basketball to save them from damaging their female anatomy and organs my dad was recruiting young women to play on his barnstorming all women basketball team. Arkansas and Iowa were producing outstanding high school female basketball players. The World Famous Texas Cowgirls 1949-1977 was developed by my dad in Chicago while managing the North Park hotel in Lincoln Park . Doc Kearns Jack Dempseys manager was approached by my dad when he was a guest at the hotel and my dads dream team was originated. The women travelled on the road taking on male opponants sportcasters local leauges college and factoy teams. The girls opened for Syracuse Nationals Boston Celtics Minneapolis Lakers Philadelphia 76ers Chicago Bombers Harlem Globetrotters. Playing an average of 160 games a year in a season. Seven days a week twice on Sundays They played ball against Chicago Bears Cleveland Browns Green Bay Packers Rose Bowl Champs and Military base teams . A young Flo Holder from Gillam Arkansas left a college basketball scholarship behind to try out and join the team .She married Dempsey Hovland and continued to play into her thirties. There was no WNBA this was a team prettier than others travling and having a blast. . The team won an average of 70 to80 percent of games played. They were featured on CBS in the seventies before disbanning due to my dads health. See photos/ news articles of Texas Cowgirls with Bob Cousy George Mikan Dolph Shayes Wilt Chamberlain in my albums ALBUMS Dempsey Hovland shook a nickle and it turned into a dollar he booked nationl recording artists comedy acts and off the wall entertainers booking Harmonica Rascals Pee Wee King plate spinners and bears riding bycycles to feed his family of 9 and provide entertainment during halftime for his World Famous Texas Cowgirls. My dad Dempsey ran miss american teenager miss National Teenager Little Miss pagents to bring in income to keep The World Famous all female basketball barnstorming team on the road for almost 30 years. My garage was filled with converse shoes levis basketballs pa systems and gags that were used on the court to get the women through the doors of local gyms and the largest stadiums that hosted male pro ball players with barriers of sexist overtones in his way once those girls got to the jump shot the ball was in their court. Dropping their cowgirl hats holsters pistols boleras and vests as they enterered the court in a running circle that led to center court where the players intrigued crowds with their ball handling specialties spinning on fingertips bouncing balls down court with knees neck roles and more. Blindfold shootouts gunshots lassoing male opponants and hog tying were trademark gags of the team developed by my dad. Their showmanship and cowgirl theme seperate them from any other teams theme. They had sex appeal created by Hovland in the performance they put into the game.

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