Thursday, June 9, 2011


A young boy born into poverty , left for grandparents to raise, makes his own way by necessity and desire. Running away to Chicago at 15 booking headline Big Bands running Numbers for the Irish Mob , left him hungry for a world outside his small midwest hometown. Serving in WWII and playing for the famous House of David professional barnstorm basketball team opened more roads. The boy became the King of Barnstorm sports (developing owning 3 women's 2 men's basketball teams and 2 barnstorm baseball teams).His alliances with the new N.B.A, and Harlem Globetrotter owner Abe Saprestien, positioned his female Texas Cowgirl's basketball team that played against and beat men (1949-1977) in the vibrant  triangle line of World Famous barnstorm teams.  The autobiography of Dempsey will make you stand up and cheer, laugh and cry for the underdog, who's adventures were what movies are made of. The athletes, and entertainers accounts of their lives on the road coast to coast and around the world and the  history they made is a looking glass view of an era gone by . He finds love along the way in a young athletic recruit from  a rural town in Arkansas ,  the opposite of his globetrotting life. Together they form an alliance and change history . Their escapades of selling out crowds, raising the roof off town to town with seven children in tow raised as suitcase babies is a decades long American road trip that exposes America's growing pains in an adventurous,entertaining,  world few get to see inside of.

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