Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lessons from my mama

Don't judge others   you cannot walk in their shoes                         Money  cannot  make a person a good human,  giving without taking does.
If someone can do nothing for you and you do for them that is kindness and  the real road in life.
""Fonie  baloney to private schools country clubs  titles who cares ....  
Money comes money goes  love  is free.
  I never knew what growing up "poor" meant even  growing up without indoor plumbing and hand me downs and an orange and nuts in a sock for Christmas was not painful or shameful I never knew those emotions because there was so much real love in our family we were happy .  
Why do people with more dollars shame those with less? That is shameful !!!
When people go through tough times get arrested, a divorce. lose  a job  don't shame them wrap your heart around them ....  that is what everyone needs acceptance and  compassion not ridicule or judgement  . 

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