Friday, February 11, 2011


The Pop House was a hangout for youth in Beloit Wi for decades , beginning with poodle skirts into the seventies.  Live music burgers sports team and  entertained the local teenagers. The photo above is from a book aptly named THE POP HOUSE.The owner was George Stankowitz. His brother Vince is on the left. The highlighted basketball player is Bill Watson . I believe Don Tamalis is also in the photo. These guys were members of Dempsey Hovlands  House of David basketball team traveling with the Globetrotters to South America. They also played for Hovland's American Indians. Last but not least in 1949  Dempsey Hovland met Jack Doc Kearns , heavyweight boxing champion manager for Jack Dempsey, Archie Moore, Joey Maxim and others. Dempsey Hovland convinced Kearns to rent out the Chicago Stadium in the fall of 1949, and find some backers to start his dream-The Texas Cowgirls basketball team  1949-1977. Hovland called his pals from his hometown to come to the North Park Hotel in Chicago, that he was managing. Vince says no other information was needed. If Dempsey Hovland said he needed you you went. Hovland had located a few good women ball players in Chicago but not enough. His childhood friends were taken to a beauty parlor the men all dolled up complete with wigs, makeup enough to fool men whistling at them as they drove back to the hotel until Vince waved his hairy arm out the window to acknowledge them. Sweat pants covered their gams the real women in shorts Hovland pulled it off developed a world famous team of women who played men's rules against men with a record of 80 % wins for 28 seasons from tiny Wolf Montana the gymnasium filled with every person in town having to play 2 games in a row to accommodate the Fire Marshall's capacity rules to a sold  out Madison Square Garden .

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