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Thursday, Feb 10, 2011
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Barnstorm (sports): Women S Basketball

Women S Basketball

One of the most renowned national baseball and basketball barnstorm team owners Dempsey Hovland started his barnstorm career as a member and organizer of the barnstorming House of David in the 1930s . He was respected as an barnstorm icon: the only team owner to operate both male and female basketball teams and baseball teams. Hovland's world-famous Texas Cowgirls touring worldwide like the Trotters were the first female team to open on the men's professional basketball tours BAA, NBL and the NBA. The barnstorming female Texas Cowgirls also broke ground and opened for the Harlem Globetrotters in the 1950s and 1960s. The Texas Cowgirls originated in Chicago. The Texas Cowgirls were the first racially integrated female barnstorm basketball team 1949–1977. The Redheads and Arkansas Travellers were two other well-known female basketball barnstorm teams, but did not accept integration. The New York Harlem Queens an African-American female basketball team, another Hovland team barnstormed against off-season NFL teams and the barnstorming Texas Cowgirls. The world famous Texas Cowgirls were invited to play U.S. service bases overseas by President John F. Kennedy. The team received an honorary ambassador award from Robert McNamaraUnited States Secretary of Defense 1961-1968. CBS's Roger Mudd reported a feature on the team in 1974. The colorful sports commentator Heywood Hale Broun travelled with the team. Barnstorming basketball was the opportunity for women to play men's rules against men. At halftime the females would show off their ball handling expertise. As an international barnstorm promoter Hovland carried barnstorm entertainers on the road tours to entertain at halftime.

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