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NBA teams name changes arenas played by Texas Cowgirls

NBA ARENA HISTORY (1949- inception of NBA inception of Texas Cowgirls )

Highlighted arenas were double headers for NBA arenas teams Texas Cowgirl's played opening games on NBA rosters

Atlanta Hawks 2000-Present Philips Arena Present Arena 
 1997-99 Georgia Dome Home of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons 
 1968-72; 1997- 
99 Alexander Memorial 
Coliseum Georgia Tech's fieldhouse.  Used for 
basketball and other sporting events. 
 1972-1997 The Omni Demolished in 1997; New Philips Arena 
being built on site. 
St. Louis Hawks 1955-68 St. Louis Arena Demolished in 1999; Office Park is 
planned for the site. 
Milwaukee Hawks 1951-55 Milwaukee Arena 
(MECCA) Still standing; home to concerts, some 
NCAA basketball; other social and civic 
Blackhawks 1949-51 Wharton Fieldhouse Still standing; High school basketball 
now played here.

Boston Celtics 1995-Present Fleet Center Present Arena 
 1949-95 Boston Garden Demolished in 1998;  Now a parking lot. 
 1949-52 Boston Arena (played a 
few games here) Renamed to Matthews Arena and home 
of Northeastern University athletics. 
 1975-78 Hartford Civic Center I 
(played between 3-6 
games each year) 
Civic Center II renovated on the site after 
Civic Center I's roof collapsed from 
heavy snow. 
 1979-95 Hartford Civic Center 
II (played between 2-5 
games each year) 
Now home to a variety of athletic events 
including minor league hockey, arena 
football, NCAA basketball and other 
social and civic events. 
 Various times Providence Arena  

some games here) 
Fort Wayne Pistons 1952-1957 Memorial Coliseum Home to minor league hockey; NCAA 
basketball and other activities 
 1949-1952 North Side High 
School Gym Home to North Side High's high school 

Francisco Warriors in 
1966-1967  Arena I II 
San Francisco 1966-1971; Cow Palace Still standing; host to various social,

Warriors 1962-1964 civic, and athletic events. 
 1964-1966 Civic Auditorium Renamed Bill Graham Civic Auditorium; 
Hosts various social and civic events  
 1964-1966 University of San 
Francisco Memorial 
Still standing; used for UCSF athletics 
Philadelphia Warriors 1949-1962 Philadelphia Arena  
 1952-1962 Convention Hall

New York Knicks 1967-Present Madison Square 
Garden IV Present Arena 
 1949-1967 Madison Square 
Garden III Demolished in 1968; 
 1949-1959 69th Regiment Armory 
(played a few games 
Still standing; some boxing matches are 
held here. 

1996-Present First Union Center Present Arena 
 1967-1996 Corestates Spectrum 
(known as the 
Spectrum from1967- 
Soccer, Lacrosse, and minor-league 
hockey are played in the building 
 1963-1967 Convention Hall  
 1972-1973 The Palestra (played 6 
games) Home to NCAA basketball for 
Philadelphia's universities 
Syracuse Nationals 1951-1963 Onondaga County War 
Memorial Various athletic events including 
 1949-1951 State Fair Coliseum  

Los Angeles 
2000-Present Staples Center Present Arena 
 1967-1999 Great Western Forum 
(known as The Forum 

 1960-1967 Los Angeles Sports 
Arena Current home of the NBA's Clippers 
 1949-1960 Minneapolis 
 1949-1960 Minneapolis Armory 

Still standing: vacant; County wants to 
build a jail on the site, but it is preserved 
for its architecture. 
 1949-1960 St. Paul Auditorium  

 1985-1988 Arco Arena Renovated into Arco Arena II 
Kansas City Kings 
(also Omaha in 1974- 
1974-1985 Kemper Arena Soccer and minor-league hockey are 
played in the building. 
Kansas City/Omaha 
Kings 1972-1975 Omaha Civic 
Auditorium (Omaha) Home of NCAA's Creighton Bluejays 
 1972-74 Municipal Auditorium 
(Kansas City) Various sporting events including 
Woman's Big 12 basketball 
Cincnnati Royals 1957-1972 Cincinnati Gardens Home of NCAA's Xavier Musketeers 
Rochester Royals 1955-1957 Rochester War 
 1949-1955 Edgerton Park Sports 

1997-Present MCI Center Present Arena 
Washington Bullets 1974-1997 USAir Arena (known 
as Capital Centre 1974- 
 1972-1973 Cole Field House 
(College Park, MD- 
played a few games 
Home of the NCAA's Maryland 
Baltimore Bullets 1963-1973 Baltimore Civic Center Home to lacrosse and minor-league 
hockey and various other sports. 
Chicago Zephyrs  1962-1963 Chicago Coliseum Demolished in 1982; 
Chicago Packers 1961-1962 Chicago Amphitheater Slated for demolition in 1999 

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