Saturday, April 2, 2011

Women break ground as equals in pro basketball mid century

The Texas Cowgirls are historically recorded for firsts in their tenure : First girls pro club to play Madison Square Garden.  1950's 1960's First female pro club to play the Maritime Provinces of Canada. 1950's 1960's   First female club to play on NBA cards, 1950's and first female athletes on tour with the Harlem Globetrotters 1950's and 1960's . First multi cultural female barnstorm  team  to play in  segregated schools, colleges, arenas in the 60's.

First female basketball team to play before  14,000 spectators.

First pro female basketball team featured on CBS  famed  sportscaster  Heywood Hale Broun travelled with the team.

Only female basketball team to play against  M.V.P.  NFL Hall of Fame-  Minneapolis  Supreme Court Justice Alan Page

Only female pro basketball team  sent by Robert MacNamara on oversees goodwill  tour .

What NBA teams placed the Texas Cowgirls on their rosters to play preliminary games for NBA games?

    NY Knickerbockers
      Minneapolis Lakers
        Rochester Royals
          Syracuse Nationals
            Fort Wayne Pistons
              Boston Celtics

              ALL of the above   and St. Louis Hawks

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