Thursday, August 18, 2011

JOAN RUPP coach and manager one of Dempsey Hovland's Teams-TEXAS COWGIRLS

Joan Rupp's oral history interview went well with Jackie Robert's. Jackie flew  from Dallas to Joan's home in Washington.  Jackie even took her to the mountains and on a gondola ride. Joan is gaining her strength after a stroke in June. She shared a lot of history, from her years as Texas CowGirl, and is looking forward to being interviewed by Seattle Newspaper soon. Please keep her in your thoughts. She loves to get cards from her team mates. I put Grace Martin another Texas CowGirl in touch with her last week. It had been 51 years since they last spoke. Rekindling friendships for the teammates is the most rewarding  aspects of my job while  writing  my book , blog, articles about growing up in a barnstorm family.

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