Saturday, August 13, 2011

Small Rural Town Girl goes all the way to The Garden to play pro ball in the 1950's

Margie  Arrends star basketball player state champion played for Dempsey Hovlands Texas Cowgirls
Two other things of interest about Kamrar: Kamrar's main claim to fame would probably be their pride in having their 1948 girls' basketball team win the State Tournament. They were also runners up in 1950. Another interesting thing that occurred was when the depot agent came to work one morning to discover an elephant in back of the depot. It seems that during a storm the night before, an elephant escaped from the circus and appeared at the depot. The depot agent telegraphed other towns to report it, causing much mirth among the railroad men. The account was written up in the book The Kamrar Depot Platform by JoAnn Bahr about her father. The Kamrar population was 203 according to the 1990 census report.

Margie was the most famous person to come out of tiny Kamrar. She was 6 ft tall Margie opened for the Milwaukee- Rochester  NBA game as a team member of my dad's Texas CowGirls. She was a team member of my mom's playing all of the professional auditoriums.

My  dad utilized both Margie and my mom's photos a lot in the 1950 media  spots both were beautiful young women. Here is a early version of that. The pretty gal under the headline Turns Pro next to the Levis ad is my mom.

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